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Social Media, Pay Per Click, Website, Online Video, GEO-Fencing,  Landing Pages, New Website

Four Steps To A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

​​​​Uncovering Your True Needs​​​​​

What we think we need and what our true needs are may be two different things.

You may think you need more sales, but maybe what you really need are fewer customers, but ones who are more loyal or who spend more and are less taxing on your business.

Maybe you think you need more web traffic. That may be legitimate, but maybe better traffic is the real need.

The thing is, it's always best to start with a discovery exercise to determine exactly what it will take to make our business' better, run smoother, be more profitable and less stressful.

At Transcend Marketing Group, we consider this the first crucial step before we begin any digital marketing campaign or advertising campaign.

Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your business special? Why should your potential customers or clients buy from you as opposed to your competition? How are you delivering more value to everyone you deal with?

We are operating in a very competitive economy. Competition is fierce which requires us to be more, do more and deliver more than ever before.

No matter what industry or business you are in, you can separate yourself from your competitors by developing and a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Your USP is your promise to your customers of the value or benefit you will receive that is unique to your business. Think Casper Mattress which says "Sleep on our mattress for 100 nights, it if you are not satisfied, you can return it. -

That's powerful, and it's also one of the reasons why Casper Mattress is thriving while other mattress retailers are closing.

So what is your USP? If you are unsure now, do not worry, we will work with your to uncover it.

Crafting Your Message

We've Uncovered what your business needs to grow and thrive and to make you happier. We've also discovered what your Unique Selling Proposition is. So now what?

Now we start to get creative.

How do we convey your message? What personality does your business take on. What is the tone of our message? Are we Funny? Serious? Dry?

Your messaging becomes your company's identity. It is how people think of you and how they will remember you.

But your message should never be phony or contrived, it should reflect exactly who you are - what your values are - your personality - your sensibilities.

People can spot insincerity a mile away, so it's best not try to be something your are not.

But, if you believe in your USP and if we have truly uncovered what your real needs are, then crafting the message should flow without friction -- It will come naturally.

Broadcasting Your Message

Once the first three steps are completed, the fourth and final step (Broadcasting Your Message) becomes relatively easy.

There are several ways to get your message out: Google Pay Per Click, Facebook Advertising, SEO, GEO-Fencing, Funnel Marketing, Video and  YouTube Marketing , Radio etc.

We have a very strong track record of delivering results in digital marketing. Our team of highly experienced engineers will construct a campaign that is effect, efficient and deliver a positive return on your ad spend.

Transcend Marketing Group is not married to any form of online or offline marketing. Our goal is to deliver the best results. It doesn't matter to us if you use Google or Facebook, Programmatic Advertising or Smoke Signals.

Often, your campaign will consist of several components and those components will change and your ad budgets will shift as we optimize for greater success.

All four steps add up to the difference that Transcend Marketing Group delivers to each of our clients every single day.

We Are In The Dawn of A New Age In Business, This Is How You Can Thrive In It.

Paolo Romanacci, Founder, Transcend Marketing Group

​Thank you for visiting our website.

If you're here, it must mean you have or your business has a need.

Are you looking to grow your online sales, in-store sales? Maybe your business or practice needs more quality leads that will translate into clients or customers, maybe your medical practice needs more patients.

Another reason you may be here is that you find yourself in the middle of an identity crisis. Do you sometimes struggle identifying just who you (your business) are?

Do you ever ask yourself why people should do business with you? What makes your business better than the next?  These are very important questions to ask, the answers can fundamentally change the trajectory of your business.

In this uber-competitive world that we live in, it's not enough to just operate. For businesses to thrive, we must discover what our core values are? Why we are in business. What we are willing to give, and then give it in spades. 

This is no longer a world where "The Closers" get the lion's share of the market. People don't want to be closed, do you?

In our world, consumers demand and will accept nothing less than the best, They demand and will accept nothing less than respect. And what they crave is value, and positive experiences.

The good news for us is that many if not most businesses are slow to catch on to this new reality, and that means massive opportunity for you and I.

Notice that I have not yet discussed what we do.

We are a marketing agency. We are a digital agency, and yes, we are great at what we do. We use the latest technology and big data to find and market to your perfect audience in order to grow your business.

But guess what, there are a million other companies out there that promise the same thing. Some of them make good on their promises, and some of them don't.

While the technology, the latest marketing tools, the algorithms and the data can be had by anyone, not everyone has the knowledge, the insight and the passion to turn that "Stuff" into meaningful growth and more profit for you.

We dig and we dig deep. Our job, my job is to explore with you and uncover who you really are, why you are special, what makes you different. When we uncover your truth, we will turn that truth into marketing gold.

So, yes, we offer website design, social media and Facebook marketing, PPC management and all the rest of it. But that is not who we are, those are just tools we use.

I purposely named our company Transcend, because in my core I believe there is more to give. I believe that by uncovering who we are as people and as businesses, we become better at what we do. By giving more of ourselves, we connect with our customers - They can feel it, and that turns into prosperity.

If you agree with the philosophy I laid out here, I urge you to schedule some time and continue the conversation. It will be a conversation and not a sales call, I promise you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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