There Is No Question, Mobile Marketing Is Powerful And Engaging

Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile. These are the four horsemen of digital marketing. Increasingly though, it’s mobile that is taking center stage and producing the the best results. There are many reasons for this, in fact the article I link to below lists four powerful reasons. But it doesn’t take research to determine that just about everyone is on their phone all the time.

At my CT digital marketing agency in New Haven, rarely if ever do we construct any kind of digital marketing campaign where mobile is not at the forefront. To do so would be ignoring the greatest number of eyeballs in any market.

“A consumer spends about 2.42 hours a day on their smartphone, interacting with it approximately 2,617 times in one single day.”

Here are Four Key Metrics That Demonstrate Why Mobile Marketing Is So Effective.

  1. Real Time Engagement – Mobil Marketers Can Engage With Willing Consumers When  And WHERE they want.
  2. Conversion – Mobile Conversions are on the Rise As Consumers Grow Increasingly Comfortable Conducting Business On Their Phones.
  3. Behavioral Data – Mobile Offers Another Level of Data Collection That Can Be Used To Perfect Marketing Campaigns.
  4. Right Place Right Time Engagement – Only Mobile Allows You To Pinpoint Your Message And Audience Based On Location Device.

You can read more about the above metrics and more here: