Sears Will Liquidate Its Remaining Stores In Canada

Sooner or later, everything meets its end. It could take millennia or decades or hours or minutes, but everything has an expiration date. And today we learn that the sell-by date for Sears in Canada has come and gone.  Today, the one time giant of retail announced it is closing its remaining stores in our neighbor to the north and 12,000 people will lose their jobs.

As a kid, a trip to Sears was an adventure, a destination, and the place to buy anything and everything you needed from furniture to tools to electronics and more. There were other department stores around, but none seemed to be as all encompassing as Sears was. At least that’s how it looked through my eyes.

But as we all know, Sears’ best days are behind them. Unprepared and unable to meet the challenge from online giants like Amazon, Sears has struggled to find an identity in the 21st Century – And consumers have been staying away in droves.

“Sears Canada has struggled to provide a consistent, appealing brand to its customers across all of its channels, including its website, social media and physical stores, he said. The company has reported nine years of sales declines and years of losses, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

This is more about a company who can not compete from a digital marketing standpoint. The real lesson here is, no matter who you are or how big you are, there is always someone waiting in the wings willing do things better, faster and more efficiently than you. There will always be someone waiting to step up to the plate when you take your eye off the ball and steal the bread from your table. Always!

And so one day in the future, maybe 10 years from now or a hundred years from now or a thousand years from now, someone will be writing Amazon’s obituary and Apple’s. One day people will be waving goodbye to McDonald’s and Chevrolet and God help me, the back nine at Augusta National. That’s life and we can’t avoid it. But we could strive to be our best, be humble and to never underestimate anyone who is waiting in line behind us. Becuase why say goodbye before we have to?

You can read the complete story of Sears Canada liquidating here: