For Many Small Businesses Local Marketing Is The Key To Success

Local Marketing, also known as location based marketing can be a very powerful tool for growing sales in your business.

The general principal is to target prospects or consumers who are in close geographic proximity to your physical location. Our CT SEO company often capitalizes on this strategy to deliver exceptional ROI to our clients who sell within their communities.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Local Marketing SEO?

Basically, if you operate a business where people walk into your establishment, or where you drive to see customers you can benefit. Google local SEO is extremely map dependent, meaning if you do not have a physical location in the proximity of the searcher, you will not show up on Goolge Local Results pages.

“Both consumers and search engines are greatly in favor of hyper-localized marketing, so now’s the time to make it work for your brand.”

Here are 6 Things You Can Do To Take Advantage Of A Local Marketing Strategy

  1. Offer Better Service And Value At A Lower Price – You are catering to your community, be the best, offer the best, outshine the competition.
  2. Optimize Your Website With The Right Keywords – Be sure you use location based words, text and images in your titles, page content, meta descriptions and more.
  3. Engage With Your Community On Social Media – Use social media to be social. There is a place and a time for advertising on social websites. But you also need to interact with your community, and social media sites are an easy way to do that.
  4. Get Testimonials From Local Customers – The More The Better.
  5. Give Your Ads A Local Flavor  Be Sure To Mention Towns, Local Teams, Local Happenings Etc.
  6. Try to get backinks from local publications – This will offer a great deal of SEO power for your website.