Don’t Wait To To Make Your Holiday Season Marketing Plans

Every year, you hear people say, ” I can’t believe Christmas is already here”. I hear that statement a lot, both in personal and business relationships. It seems like the holidays always sneak up on us and then we are left scrambling to make preparations and plans. This is also true for business marketers. Somehow, many business owners are left flat footed when it comes to creating a marketing campaign for the holiday season.

“Coming off a decent 2016 where holiday consumer spending went up, retailers and other businesses will be preparing some major marketing pushes this year. Now you just need to figure out how you’ll stand out above the crowd.”

The key as you may have already guessed is planning. To be effective, you have to create and layout a strategy long before it is time to implement your holiday marketing strategy. At our CT Marketing Agency, we typically begin the process in the summer. That usually gives us ample time to do an effective job.

Here are Four Things You Can Do To Get Prepared For Your Holiday Marketing Push

  1. Base Your Marketing Around Value vs Discounts. Everyone offers discounts. You may have better success differentiating your brand, your philosophy and selling the intangibles that only your business can provide.
  2. Set Your Budget Now And Stick To It – Because digital marketing campaigns can be complex to create and optimize, your budget should be set early and you should give your campaigns time to germinate and allow for optimization in order to increase ROI.
  3. Figure Out Where To Advertising – Determine ahead of time the best places to advertise your business. Is it SEM, Social TV, Email, Radio etc?
  4. Prepare Your Creatives Now – You d not want to be scrambling to get your graphics, text and other marketing materials done at the last minute. Haste makes waste”  Rushing to complete what may be the most important facet of digital marketing may end up costing you sales and opportunities.

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