CT SEO Firm Quick Ranking Tips

One of the hardest jobs in digital marketing is establishing and maintaining Google rankings. Our CT SEO Firm works hard day and night on behalf of our clients to meet the necessary demand of page one rankings. Pay per click is find and works, but great rankings are the gifts that keeps on giving and provide you with the best return on your marketing investment. I know, I know, you came to this page for the quick tips, so here they are.

5 CT SEO Firm Quick Website Ranking Tips For Your Website

  1. Create And Optimize Your Google My Business Page.
    This is the definitely the first step you should take, especially if you are a local business. Be sure to fully complete your profile with as much information, photos and videos as possible. Outdo your competition to the best of your ability here.
  2. Make sure yo website is mobile Friendly
    Your website will actually get penalized in web rankings if it offers a poor mobile experience. One of the first things our CT SEO firm does when starting our with a new client is identify how well the site performs on mobile devices.
  3. Lots of Fresh Unique Content
    Get in the habit of posting new, relevant, quality content to your website or blog on at least a weekly basis of not more. Google loves fresh content and the more you post, the more frequently their spiders will crawl your site. All things being equal, the guy with the most quality content wins.
  4. Optimize Your Images
    You should be adding lots of pictures to your content. But don’t just stick them on the page, optimize them. Here at CT SEO Firm, we alway make sure that the images have keyword rich alt tags and titles. This lets Google and other search engines know what the picture is about. You’ll be surprised at how much traffic pictures alone can bring to your website.
  5. Make Sure Your Page Titles Are SEO Optimized
    This is a biggie. Your page titles must contain the keyword(s) you are trying to rank for. Example: If you are trying to rank for “Divorce Lawyer in New Haven” , that phrase must be in the title of the page, something like: ” Attorney Joe Smith Best Divorce Lawyer In New Haven”.


Be sure to have your focus key word in your Headings on your page. H1, H2, and H3 Tags should  contain your keywords. The trick is to do it naturally.

So after reading all the above tips, can you guess what keyword my CT SEO Firm is trying to rank for by writing this article? It should be quite easy to spot.

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