Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Event Summary

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the 4-day Tony Robbins UPW (Unleash The Power Within) Event in Newark, NJ. I would not have normally signed up for such a seminar, what with it lasting four full days, but a generous client of my digital marketing agency actually invited me and paid for everything. So off I was.

The seminar runs four full days lasting 12 – 15 hours per day. On the first day, there were actually zero breaks. Tony Robbins remained on stage the entire time (roughly 13 hours or more). And when I say remained on stage, I mean he was yelling dancing, jumping, running, bouncing – You name it. I can’t believe he can operate at such a high level for such a long period time, but he did. Never did he seem he was tired or winded.

The entire event from beginning to end has a rock concert vibe, with wall to wall loud music, lights, giant video screens, and a lot of dancing and shaking to keep everyone energized and on their feet as well as to keep them in “State”. And by the way, the arena is freezing cold the entire time.

But this article is not a review or a play by play, I am writing this to tell you what my main takeaways were.

1) Your Mindset Determines Your Outcomes

Of course our state of mind or mindset is important in any endeavor we undertake, this is nothing new. But Tony had a way of infusing this principle into your soul. He combines a series of visualization techniques as well as physical, audible and mental processes which get your entire being into “State” or “Beautiful States”.

I can only describe these as self-brainwashing or self-hypnosis techniques designed to put your entire being in a positive, confident, take no prisoners condition. Tony showed us and we experienced how by changing your body, how you stand, your posture, your breathing, your movement, you can actually change your emotional state.

When you are in “Beautiful State”, you are fearless, bold and ready to take action. For me, the test will be to see if I can get into and maintain “State” in the real world for a prolonged period of time.

2) Take Immediate And Massive Action – Tony Robbins UPW

This concept really resonated with me. The takeaway here is that when you make a decision or decide on a goal, you must go all in and go all in big. There are to be no baby steps, you can not be timid. You must do everything in your power to achieve the goal you’ve set, you must burn your ships at the shore so as to eliminate the possibility of retreat.

Tony Robbins UPW Review

Again, this is not a new concept — Napoleon Hill writes about this in “Think and Grow Rich” which was published in 1937. In it, Hill writes that the most successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Robbins too emphasizes this point as a companion to the Massive Action Principle.

When we attack our goal with meekness, we open ourselves up to doubt, hesitation, failure and quitting. By going all in and betting the house, we greatly reduce the risk of those negative emotions sabotaging our success.

3) We Must Eliminate Our Stacked Limiting Beliefs and Replace Them With Their Opposite Truths

This was the deepest, most intense and in my opinion the most important portion of the Tony Robbins UPW 4-day event by far.

Here, Tony opened my eyes (and everyone else’s it seemed) to the lies we tell ourselves every single day, and how we rely on those lies as excuses for not succeeding, not chasing our dreams and goals and not living the life we want, deserve or desire.

Examples of limiting beliefs are “I’m too old”. “I’m not smart enough:, “I don’t have enough money”, “No one likes me”, “I don’t have talent”, “I am poor for a reason” “I come from a poor family”, “I’m a minority” etc, etc.

business limiting beliefs

The real damage comes when we begin to stack these beliefs one on top of the other — They hold us down, weigh us down and kill our spirit and they kill any chance we have at living a fulfilled and happy life. I know I’m guilty of this. The seminar opened my eyes to just how many limiting beliefs I actually have and how many lies I have been constantly telling myself.

During this session, the entire Tony Robbins UPW audience goes through a visualization exercise led by Tony Robbins where they accept those limiting beliefs as true. They then must visualize just how damaging and destructive those beliefs have been and how damaging and destructive they will be in the 10, 20, 30 years in the future. It is a painful exercise to put it mildly.

Changing Your Limiting Beliefs

Then, the crowd must visualize the true opposite of those limiting beliefs and how they are lies. They must replace them with their true opposite: “I am young and vibrant”, “I am smart”, “All the money I need to achieve my goal is available” …

At this point everyone visualizes how wonderful things are, how vibrant, abundant, loving, happy things are and will be by believing what’s true – The opposite of your limiting beliefs.

I cannot do this exercise justice in this blog post, but suffice it to say, it was powerful, deep and dare I say life changing, at least for me. I urge everyone to  try to uncover what your limiting beliefs are. You must be honest with yourself. Find them and change them. If not, they will continue to hold you back.


The Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Event is a powerful but tiring experience. If you are to get any benefit from it, you must drink the Kool-Aid at least while you are in the room.

Much if not all of the information is probably stuff you have heard before, but hearing it and knowing it are two different things. For example: A person might understand that they shouldn’t eat fried food and smoke cigarettes because it’s bad for their health, but that may not stop them from doing so. However if that person had a massive heart attack they would then KNOW that those things will kill them and would be much more likely to change their habits.

For me, after walking away from the Tony Robbins UPW event, I can honestly say there are at least a few things that I now KNOW that were once only understood.