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SEO Company CT Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO AGENCY IN CCTSEO Comany CT or (Search Engine Optimization) is the combined art and science that gets your website better rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Great search engine rankings are a vital part of any successful business. However performing SEO correctly can be a very difficult endeavor to say the least. And, if done incorrectly can get you penalized by search engines such as Google and even banned forever. That's why SEO Company CT by Transcend Digital is the right choice

There are two basic types of SEO for most businesses, Local SEO which focuses getting better rankings of Google Local search results and organic SEO, which focuses on organic search listings that do not appear within the local search box. The type size, scope and type of business you have will dictate which type of SEO will be best for you. Some businesses must focus on both in order to be competitive.

Is SEO Hard To Do?

That depends. SEO can be very easy or incredibly difficult. The more competition there is, the more difficult it will be to rank high for major keywords, If there is little competition, the job becomes a little easier. In either case, there is much work to do in order make your website rank high in the search engines. 

Our SEO engineers are highly trained to make sure you have the greatest chance of getting your website to rank high for the keywords that are important to you. To get the greatest results, our methodically analyze your website, discover any weaknesses that may exist, uncover hidden opportunities, measure the competition and execute a plan. The work is typically performed in three phases.

SEO Company CT - Our Three Step SEO Process

1) Build & Implementation

Run a baseline report on existing state of website SEO. We then Evaluate and clean up meta data.

Research And Online Presence

Perform keyword research based on search trends in Google, Yahoo & Bing. Once that is done,  we complete technical audit of your site and begin initial changes (e.g., fix broken links on pages)

2) Execution & Strategy

Next, SEO Company CT will add optimized meta data such as  “Alt” tag to on-page images,. Then we Submit robots.txt, sitemap.xml files to the search engines. Finally, we optimize internal linking structure which is vital to getting good SEO rankings.

Enhance layout of pages on your site.

Once all that is done, we optimize internal linking structure, Customize 404 Not found pages and perform content analysis &  offer recommendations.

3) Adjust & Continual Improvement Strategy

Weekly Reporting

This is vital stage of SEO. Now we begin adjusting strategy against goals in analytics. We Monitor campaign performance and begin Continued Performance Tracking. We Monitor SEO KPI’s, Google Alerts and optimized blog posts, where applicable, Evaluate site crawl errors & check site health and Monitor backlinks.


SEO Company CT

For a comprehensive explanation of SEO, read this article on Wikipedia. If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency CT call us at  (203) 693-1848




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Our SEO audits are detailed and robust. Our audits are performed by seasoned SEO professionals with extensive experience. Please allow 72 business hours for completion.