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Most businesses still rely on in-store traffic for survival. Getting people to walk into your location is becoming increasingly difficult.

Local businesses are under assault from online competitors large and small from all over the globe. We understand that it has become increasingly important to drive new and existing customers to your business location.

Our seasoned experts will analyze your business’ challenges and opportunites and craft the perfect solution designed to deliver results, satisfaction and most importantly, ROI.

Our advanced, data driven marketing solutions are designed not only to deliver more foot traffic, but to deliver the traffic that is most likely to buy from your business.

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Use Micro-Proximity Targeting To Reach Your Audience With Pinpoint Accuracy

“Micro-Proximity” starts with a user’s raw location data, which is cleansed, then matched to real locales, census, events, etc. so you can deliver your ad to them based on their actual consumer actions. Now you can get in front of your target market where they like to go or based on where they have been.

Curated and tiered inventory selection, IAB Compliance, dynamically maintained IP level block lists

Prioritized top 5K site list, above the fold only, network block list

Peer39 brand safety, page quality, viewability, IP indexing, user device graphs

Transcend consistently delivers quality human traffic, on quality websites delivering high impact results

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