Let transcend deliver traffic with your next outdoor campaign.

Maximize your reach with your next outdoor campaign! With the right strategy, you can reach thousands of potential customers and deliver more traffic to your business. Get creative and think outside the box to make your message stand out!

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    Transcend knows the best way to purchase outdoor media advertising, such as billboards, bus shelters, or digital signage, you can follow these general steps:

    Transcend Identifies the suitable outdoor media format

    We explore different outdoor media formats available in your area, such as billboards, street furniture (bus shelters, benches), transit advertising (buses, taxis), digital billboards, or digital signage. Consider the visibility, location, and target audience of each format to find the most appropriate option for your campaign.

    We work with outdoor media companies in your area

    that offer the type of advertising formats you are interested in.

    At no charge to you we inquire

    about their available advertising options, pricing, locations, and any special packages they may offer. This saves you time and money.

    Transcend designa your ad content

    Prepare your ad content to suit the specific outdoor media format and dimensions. Consider the visual impact, readability, and concise messaging. If you don't have in-house design capabilities, you may need to work with our graphic designer or a creative agency to create the ad content.

    We discuss pricing and contract terms with the outdoor media company

    Negotiate rates , especially for long-term campaigns or if you plan to use multiple advertising locations. .

    We follow through and prepare for installation

    Provide the outdoor media company with the finalized ad content in the required format and dimensions. Confirm the installation dates and logistics. Depending on the format, the outdoor media company may handle the installation process or provide guidelines for your team or a contracted installation service.

    Monitor the campaign and evaluate results

    Keep track of the campaign's performance by monitoring factors such as visibility, reach, and audience engagement. Evaluate the success of the outdoor media campaign based on your advertising goals and metrics such as increased website traffic, phone inquiries, or brand recognition. Use the insights gained to refine your future outdoor media strategies.

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